Fairyland Solitaire


Fairyland Solitaire

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Fairyland Solitaire.

In the captivating world of Fairyland Solitaire, a whimsical and enchanting adventure awaits. Immerse yourself in a realm of magical wonders, where fairies flutter through lush forests and mystical creatures roam freely. But beware, mischievous goblins have kidnapped the fairies, plunging Fairyland into darkness. As a brave fairy, it's up to you to embark on a solitaire journey to rescue the captured fairies and restore harmony to the land.

Traverse through mesmerizing levels, solving solitaire puzzles and unlocking hidden treasures along the way. Explore captivating landscapes, encounter fascinating characters, and unravel the secrets of Fairyland. Can you bring back the light and save Fairyland from the clutches of the goblins?

The fate of this enchanting world rests in your hands.


  • Immerse yourself in an exciting story set in Fairyland, filled with captivating twists and turns.
  • Choose from 4 difficulty levels to match your skill and experience.
  • Engage in 3 thrilling game modes: One Up One Down, Match 2, Make 14, and a surprise Random Game Mode.
  • Enjoy a variety of fun and exciting Mini-games, including Slots, Match 3, Jigsaw, Blackjack, Higher or Lower, and Find the Object.
  • Experience intense Card Battle Fights, where strategy and skill will lead you to victory.
  • Uncover hidden objects in challenging Hidden Object sections.
  • Utilize wild cards, power-ups, and jokers to enhance your gameplay.
  • Immerse yourself in the enchanting melodies of the magical music.
  • Immerse yourself in fantastical backgrounds that bring Fairyland to life
  • Customize your experience with various card designs.
  • Visit the in-game store to discover and purchase unique items.
  • Take on 200 challenging levels, each with its own set of obstacles and rewards.
  • Test your skills in mega levels, offering an lots of cards and excitement.

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